How to Ride a Rental Scooter Safely When Traveling in Barcelona

Many tourists like to rent their scooters from the Vespa hire Barcelona companies to explore the surrounding areas. Riding a scooter is just as dangerous as riding a motorcycle so you will want to make sure you ride safely. When driving the Vespa rental scooter, make sure you abide by the traffic rules and drive on the right lane. You should get familiar with the traffic rules of the roads in Barcelona to prevent accidental violation. Sometimes the traffic can be chaotic so you should just follow behind the bikes. This is because it is likely that the guy in front know the way better since he is a local.

There are many places where you can rent a Vespa scooter in Barcelona. Most of these rental scooter shops have websites so you can book the scooter online. Once you book it, you just have to go to the office location to pay for the rental and pick up the scooter. The quality of the bikes vary across different companies so make sure you compare them prior to renting.

How to Ride a Rental Scooter Safely When Traveling in Barcelona

When picking up the bike, it is advised that you snap a few photos of the bike with your camera. This is because there have been a lot of cases where tourists return the bike to the rental shop and they were forced to pay expensive repair fees even when they did not create any damage on it. Therefore, you should only rent the bike from a trustworthy company that has good reputation in the industry.

It is important to always get a helmet with a visor if you are planning to rent a scooter. A helmet that has visor is better than a helmet without a visor because the visor can protect your eyes from the dust. There are lots of dust flying in the wind that blow against you when you are riding on the scooter so wearing a helmet with a visor is a must. Besides, it is also illegal to drive a scooter in Barcelona without wearing a helmet. If you get involved in an accident and you did not wear the helmet, you will not be covered by the insurance.

You must be polite when riding the scooter on the highway in Barcelona. You should never use the horn if unnecessary. You must be careful when you want to go to the left or right lane as there will be cars or motorbike trying to overtake you. If possible, you should never ride the bike at night especially on roads that are unlit.

If you are a tourist and new to Barcelona, you should take a tour that is offered by the scooter rental company. Many scooter rental in Barcelona also offer guided tours that can help you to learn a lot of about the interesting places around Barcelona.