Vanuatu Majestic Attractions


Vanuatu has wonderful diving and snorkelling sites in the South Pacific. The island has great reefs, caves, wrecks, and drop-offs to explore.

Local companies offer kayaking, boating, and sailing charters. Visitors can book half, full day, overnight and sundown sailing charters. What’s more, there are deep sea fishing charters starting around the Vanuatu harbour and extending to various islands closeby.

Vanuatu island offers the best venue for water sports and game anglers. Enjoy catching Wahoo, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Swordfish and various fighting fish. Enroll in the fishing competition if you’re competitive anytime of the year.

Vanuatu offers surfers 4 feet-6 feet waves in locations such as Eratap, Pango, and Erator. If you wish to enjoy paddle boarding, you can as Vanuatu has calm and clear waters.

Ocean swimming is big, and the residents in this group of islands gather on the harbour daily during lunch hour for a leisure swim while others take this opportunity to train various other sports in the water.

Kite surfing is also significant in this island, and The Imere International Kitesurfing Challenge attracts competitors from far-flung countries including France, New Caledonia, not forgetting New Zealand.

The Island has lush rainforests that are great to see while trekking. The island is perfect for Parasailing, and you can parasail to 65 meters and enjoy the Port Vila harbor marine life and spectacular views from above.

Hideaway Island Vanuatu is home to an unusual but famous underwater mailbox. Tourists flock this island and dive 3 meters underwater to see the mailbox and post their mail.

Divers and snorkelers can purchase waterproof postcards and ink to scribble their message on. The Post Office staff regularly checks the mailbox for letters and collects them.

Hideaway Island in Vanuatu is a perfect place for vacationing, and there’s nothing that can beat swimming through warm coral waters, passing gorgeous pieces of coral and sea turtles to post your mail under water!.