Morocco desert trips from marrakech

Nowadays, a lot of people want to travel and discover the world, but not everybody know that the Sahara in one of the most visited places in the planet due the fact that is has been qualified as the Eighth Wonder of the World. This unique destination is really attractive to adventurous tourists because of its huge extension (9,2 million km2) and the amazing golden sandy dunes. Therefore, there are a lot of morocco desert trips you can do if you want to go to this astonishing desert!

Firstly, the Sahara is one of the most beautiful places in the world so, taking this into consideration, if you are interested in enjoying nature, you could ride one of the famous quad bikes. This way you can explore the desert and get to know local villages as well as discovering different types of vegetation such as palm groves, the schouwia thebaia, medicinal plants… Nevertheless, this option is usually expensive because finding the right vehicle can be hard and it is not as easy as it looks… all in all, be careful! Moreover, as everyone already knows, the Sahara’s supports a wide range of wildlife so, it would be really interesting to spot the different animals which live in the desert like desert foxes! And of course, we couldn’t miss to bring out probably the most popular activity: camel rides. This is something you must do once in your life! There are several arranged morocco sahara desert tour and it is not very expensive because plenty of people offer to take you on a trek… haggling is also highly recommended! However, you may be tired at the end of the day and you want to relax…maybe in a spa? In this idyllic desert they have something similar! Merzaouga locals claim that burying yourself up to your neck in the Sahara sand is outrageously beneficial to your muscles and aching limbs, who would say it?! In fact, this technique gets rid the body of illness. But, pay attention! You must not bury yourself more than 15 minutes! Never! If you stay for longer you could die! The perfect time is between 5-10 minutes, not more! And lastly, this is one of the most rewarding experiences and the best part is that it is a 100% FREE! Lying down under a sky full of stars and, just gazing at the night African sky is what everyone needs to forget about the world and relax. In fact, there are lots of free apps you can use to help you find constellations and planets. If you are interested in this activity, you can also enjoy the amazing sunsets through the soundless peace of the desert!

Finally, the Sahara desert is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world which gives you the opportunity to do plenty of activities that you wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere. Where are you going to find better sunsets? Even though the things you can do are pretty interesting, at the end of the day you will remember the small details like the beauty of nature, the amazing wildlife or the way you felt when gazing at the night sky. The Sahara desert will definitely take your breath away.