Tips When Travelling to Slovenia


The growing country of Slovenia is in the heart of Europe surrounded by other neighbouring countries like Australia, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy. It has many things to offer like their untouched nature, protected forests, and architectural heritage that Slovenians are proud of. The primary industry that powers the economy of Slovenia is metallurgy production and electronics.

Up to this day, Slovenia continues to flourish its natural resources to keep the country one of the top destinations in the European continent. This is the main reason why not only tourists but businessmen are merging in the country to start up selling their goods. When it comes to choosing the right partner in growing up your business, is the best pick among all other shipping companies that lets you send your parcel to Slovenia. The company offers prompt delivery of your goods, packages, and parcels with a cheap amount.

Here’s the list of the must see destinations in Slovenia. Add these up in your itineraries for a worthwhile stay in the country!


  • Predjama Castle– there many popular castles and palaces in Slovenia like the Celje, Ljuglijana, and Bled castles they are literally scattered around the country. Anyway, Predjama Castle is not your ordinary ancient building once owned by the royals. It is incredibly inside a cave and it has been standing tall for roughly 700 years.
  • Bled Lake– is also known as the Fairytale Island where most of the happy endings called weddings are held. It is a small island in the middle of Slovene’s greens. Also, this is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise and sunsets behind the Alps.
  • Thermal spas– just like the castles in the country, thermal spas are everywhere. Moreover, it came from the natural spring that reaches the temperature of 32 to 37 degree Celsius.

Slovenia owns a rich culture that continuous to sprout adding to their popularity points. The factors that make up their culture so prosperous are music, arts, architecture, and the fun festivals that makes all the travellers go rage!

The Do’s and Don’ts When Staying in Slovenia

  1. Dress appropriately according to the activity you are attending to. If it’s a business meeting, suit up for the gents and a trendy dress for the gals will be fine.
  2. Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking, you will have your own time to speak up or share your ideas.
  3. When giving a gift to your business partner, new found friend, or a local who invited you to dinner, prepare a simple gift and wrap it pleasantly.
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  5. Do learn a bit of the Slovene language, at least the mostly use phrases to get you around the city. Examples are “Kako se imate” to say how are you and “Halo” for a simple hello.
  6. Don’t be late for any meetings and always be on time.
  7. Don’t require yourself to provide a tip because really, it is not how the way it is in Slovenia.
  8. When greeting a friend or your business partner, shake their hand firmly. Give them a tight hand grip.
  9. Also, don’t try to kiss someone’s hand when greeting unlike the customary greeting in other neighbouring countries.
  10. Do enjoy your stay in Slovenia for the love of the country!