Buying A Caravan As A Holiday Home


Buying your own holiday caravan offers a number of benefits over renting. Once you have paid the initial purchase costs, and the annual caravan park fees, you can holiday whenever you want and as often as you want virtually all year round, and if you have found an area of the country that you love, or a specific spot that you love to keep returning to, owning a caravan means that you don’t have to worry about booking and you will always be able to plan a last minute break without having to pay over the odds or fret over accommodation.

It is even more important, when buying a caravan, to be sure that you love the caravan park itself and its amenities, too, and you should choose a caravan that offers the space, the features, and the amenities that you expect to enjoy every time you holiday. You may find that friends and family start to invite themselves along, so be prepared by choosing something a little larger than you need yourself.

Do consider the age and price of the caravan, and ensure that you are getting a good deal. While some caravan parks have strict limits on the age of caravans that are allowed to reside permanently on their park, others do not have these same requirements. However, all parks will typically require that you agree to keep your caravan in reasonable condition. Buying one that requires work straight away, means that you could face an uphill battle.


Ensure that any fixtures and fittings have been checked properly, and if you are in any doubt about the quality of things like gas cookers or electric light fittings, have somebody check these for you. Finding that there is a major electrical problem throughout the caravan once you have purchased it, could leave you out of pocket and no closer to owning the holiday home that you started looking for. Similarly, plumbing and gas are equally important, and so too is any potential structural damage.

Also consider the fees associated with keeping your caravan on the park that you want, and include this in your budget. If you intend to visit your caravan several times every year, then you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find one that you consider affordable, and it won’t take long before you have recouped the money that you spent on purchasing the caravan itself. Allow some room in your annual budget for any necessary repairs, because they will be needed at some point, and also for regular maintenance services.

Check to see whether the first year’s annual charges are included in the purchase cost, whether you have to pay extra for things like electricity and water, and whether there are other services such as refuse collection that are also included or can be added to your annual services to enjoy the best possible value for money on the ideal caravan purchase. Ask for details of any additional charges, check the agreement to ensure that there are no hidden surprises waiting for you, and then try to get the best deal possible on the right caravan at the right spot.

Oakfield Caravan Park has a range of caravans available for purchase, providing a comfortable holiday home that can be used for family holidays, romantic breaks, and for solitude and peace.