Top Things to see in Jakarta – The capital of Indonesia

Indonesia is big country. It is home to around 400 million people and Jakarta is one most of populous towns of Indonesia. When you visit Jakarta, you will instantly meet with the numerous places that are bound to peek your curiosity. It is known forits various attractions for tourists and travellers, as well as for having unique cuisine, interesting architecture and a lot of modern shopping malls. Let’s look into some of the attractions which are a definite must-see:

Ancol Dreamland / Dream Park is a perfect way to simply relax and unwind, or just take a break from the daily grind. It is an amusement park open 24 hours. It includes an Ocean Eco Park, an Art Market, Atlantis Water Adventure, golf range and an abundance of other attractions.

National Museum is an iconic place you simply must visit! It can be found in the centre of Jakarta at the Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, and it is believed to be approximately two centuries old. Due to the museum having an elephant statue, it is widely referred to as the “Elephant Building”. The National Museum is a geographical, historical, archaeological and ethnological museum.


National Monument (Monas) is atower standing as a symbol, and in memory, of the fight for freedom of Indonesia. President Sukarnoordered the construction of this tower, and it is now located in the centre of Merdeka Square in Jakarta. It is open every day with the exception of the last Monday of the month.

National Gallery is a place where you can truly appreciate and relish the rich history, culture and many visual arts of Jakarta. It stands as a combination of an art gallery and a museum.

Jakarta Arts Theatre is a perfect place for those who enjoymusical performances, theatre shows, as well as other numerous arts programs. The building was constructed during the Dutch colonial period, it is located in the vicinity of the Jakarta Cathedral and the Istiqlal Mosque, and has the form of a concert hall.


After going sightseeing you will certainly wantto do something relaxing, like goingfor shopping.In Jakarta you will find many opportunities to do that. Whether you are searching for high end stores or you are shopping on a budget, Jakarta has it all. Visit some of the well-known markets or shopping centers. Plaza Indonesia of FX Mall – is the place where you can purchase designer goods. If you are looking for cheap, yet quality imitation goods, look no further, go to ManggaDua. If you wish to buy beautiful souvenirs for you friends the number one place to go to is PasarIkan.

Wherever you go or whatever you choose to do when you visit Jakarta you will certainly have the best time of your life.