Insight on A Few Exquisite Locations to Trek Vietnam

Wildly beautiful nature of Vietnam has made it one of the most popular tourist locations. The beauty and blend of colour in the harvesting season of Vietnam and its splendid landscape makes it the heaven for tourists. Aside relaxing in luxurious hotels, tourists often look for trekking facilities in these lands to quench their thirst for natural beauty and solitary environment. Trekking in Vietnam is as adventurous as relaxing for travellers of different age group. You obviously need professional help to get accommodations, provisions, and gears to start and enjoy the trekking expedition. However, learning about a few of the many special and exquisite locations to trek Vietnam would make your choices satisfactory towards your requirements. So, here we are offering you information on a few of the many locations where you can enjoy every moment of your trekking venture without any complication.


  1. Sapa– This is a frontier town of Lao cai province and it is recognized as the one of the best trekking locations in whole Vietnam. You can enjoy the rural and natural beauty of Indochina peninsula from this location or can reflect upon the majestic elegance of mt. Fansipan.
  2. Pu luong– Pu Luong is recognized for its fauna and bio-diversity. This locations is situated in  quan hoa district and it is a natural reserve which is located in between mountain ridges. The rich forest in this area which stretches from the Northwest to South-east valley, can offer you a moment to enjoy nature’s grandeur.
  3. Mai Chau– You can trek Vietnam while enjoying the cultural value and diversity of Mai Chau area. This beautiful green valley is the composition of different ethnic groups which add colour to the scenic natural splendour of the location.
  4. Cat Ba Island– If you find yourself in the northern Vietnam and feeling an urge to enjoy trekking, then Cat ba Island would be the perfect location for you. You will find national park in here and the meeting point of jungle and island. Diverse ecosystem in here has brought a multitude of fauna for you to keep in your memory forever.

These are few of the many locations where trekking can be fun in Vietnam. However, you would obviously need the assistance of professionals to find best and suitable accommodation, food, and entertainment options while and in between the trekking venture. Selecting the right services would surely lead you to receive and enjoy best travel packages with safety, comfort, and convenience with ease.