7 To-Do Items Before You Make An Offer On A Condo in Montreal

If you are in the market and shopping for a condo Montreal, you already likely have a pretty lengthy to-do list. It can be really easy to overlook things that are on this list or forget to add them. Worry not, however. These seven must-do to-dos can keep you right on track.

1) Get Your Finances In Order

Of course, you will want to assure that your finances are in order. Here are a few quick pointers.

  • Keep your credit profile clean with low utilization on credit cards.
  • Avoid pulling your credit until after you have closed on the home.
  • Get a preapproval letter from the bank so you can shop with confidence.
  • Know what provider you will choose to insure the home after you purchase it.

2) Rate Shop Between Banks

One of the best ways to rate shop is when you have that preapproval letter in hand. Other competing banks will typically race to match that rate or try to beat it to earn your business. This literally puts you in the driver seat for a low rate. You’d be surprised at what lengths banks will go to earn your business. Wisely leverage this to your advantage.


3) Compare Insurance Options

You’ll have to decide on a provider to use to insure the home. The bank will also require that it’s insured from day one at closing or they won’t close on the loan. You’ve got a lot of options with different insurance providers. So carefully research them to decide which one is right for your needs.

4) Choose A Title Company

You should be wary when choosing a title company, advises Escrow Help. Make sure that you consider cost, premium, coverage and remedies as well as convenience. Should there be issues with the title after the fact (you’d not believe what can happen after closing), you can be assured that you are covered with adequate liability protection.

5) Consider Moving Service Options

How are you planning to get your possession to your new condo Montreal? Most people will use a moving service, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Spend time researching them and reading reviews while comparing offers to find the best deal and provider.

6) Create Your Mover’s Checklist

A variety of smartphone apps are now available that are designed to make your move easier. They let you create mover’s checklists so you can tackle this relocation in style. It’s advised that you utilize these convenient apps so that you can make a list and assure that nothing goes overlooked.

7) Consult With Your Agent

If you do not yet have an agent, get one. They can save a lot of time and frustration in your search. They can also find banks that offer great rates, apprise you of the best homes in your budget and provide information about the area you are considering.