The world’s largest collection of Cranes can be seen in China during bird tours

Being the second largest country in the world in terms of land size, it’s no surprise that China has a lot of birding opportunities. The world’s largest collection of Cranes can be seen in China during bird tours there including one of the rarest on earth, the Siberian Crane. Being such a large country, bird tours in China are separated into different area packages. Main areas visited for bird tours are Fujian, Sichuan Province, Yunnan and Tibet.

China is diverse in bird species and will require multiple trips to get in a good amount of birding because travel time is too long between the top birding spots. Bird tours to China are generally taken by the more advanced birders looking to sight some of the rarer species available. As great as China is for bird tours, there are certain things that even the most advanced of birders need to take into consideration.

The weather for instance. Although China’s climate is mainly either dry or wet for the country as a whole, all of the different regions experience various degrees of this. It is extremely important to take note of this as bad weather could be a detriment to bird tours in China. The wet season is not just a few scattered rains, here and there but have been described as a full on monsoon. It would be very dangerous to go out birding during this time and anyways local governments will not allow it. The drier season brings with it, heavy winds. This happens during winter so there won’t be much birding to be done during this time.


Clothing needs to be packed appropriately to account for the different weather conditions. If birders would rather be certain about climate conditions when they undertake bird tours to China then it would be best to go via a birding holiday company. Besides specializing in organizing all of the accommodation, travel in China, food and guides, they have enough of built up knowledge to know the best times to undertake bird tours to China. Also their bird tours come with a full list of what to expect and how to prepare for the trip.

Often times they will detail exactly what to bring along so that you don’t over pack and be stuck with heavy luggage to haul around. They will also let you know what they provide so that you don’t have to carry these items along. These may be binoculars or cameras. This way birders will not have to bring along their own expensive equipment on an overseas adventure and risk it being stolen or getting damaged. Weather is not the only thing they take into consideration when scheduling their bird tours. They also account for the best birding seasons. This means the period in which birds will be back from migration or when chicks hatch to that birders can marvel at the parental instinct of birds. Bird tours take care of all the finer details that birders will not even think about when they plan to visit another country to expand their birding knowledge.