Tips on Vespa Rental Scooter GPS Guided Tours

Many Vespa scooter rental companies offer scooters that have been pre-programmed with the routes of tourist locations in the neighborhood. The GPS system on the scooter allows you to customize the places you want to visit. The scooter will automatically take you to the tourism places you set on the GPS system so that you won’t get lost. Usually, the rental rate you are charged is per scooter and not based on the number of people that will be riding it. Each scooter can seat up to two people.

There are three types of tours you can choose from the GPS system on the Vespa scooter including Olympic, Gaudi and beach tours. If you choose Olympic tour, you will get an opportunity to view the monuments at 1992 Olympic Games. Some of the places you get to visit in this tour are Port Olympic, and Olympic stadiums.

In the Gaudi tour, you will get to see many unique architectures that are built by the famous architect in Barcelona called Antoni Gaudi. The mosaics on the buildings in Barcelona are impressive. You will get to see the Sagrada Familia which did not successfully finish its construction. Besides, you will also get a chance to visit the famous Passeig de Gracia.

Tips on Vespa Rental Scooter GPS Guided Tours

In the beach tour, the scooter will take you to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Barcelona. The Mediterranean beach in Barcelona is about 5 miles and stretches across several cities. Along the beach, there are many spectacular futuristic style buildings for you to view.

The rental scooter already includes a basic insurance coverage and a full gas tank. A lock will be provided so that you can lock the scooter when you are leaving it in a place. Helmets will be provided so there is no need to buy it yourself.
Nowadays, you can easily rent a scooter Barcelona online. After you have rented the scooter, you can pick it up at the scooter rental office. You can have the scooter delivered to your home if you can’t go to the office to pickup. If you want them to deliver the rental scooter to your home, you will have to pay an extra service fee.

Before renting the scooter, make sure you have previous experiences in riding a motorcycle. It is their policy to only rent it to people who have a motorcycle license and have recent experiences in operating it. There are lots of scooter rental companies so you should first take some time to read the reviews to find out which company has the highest number of satisfied customers. It is safe to rent the motorcycle with the company if many people rate their rental service 4 or 5 stars. Get more details at