Guyana is a very diverse country with a good mix of different ethnicity’s and religions

Guyana is a very diverse country with a good mix of different ethnicity’s and religions. It makes for an explosion of cultural experiences in one small country but did you know that Guyana is also noted for their birding tours. It is the third smallest country in South America which may well be the reason it is often overlooked when birders plan to explore the continent in search of new birding species. The government has amped up its tourism budget and as a result of this, Guyana is becoming more known amongst international travellers and more especially, birders.

The Guyana birding tour can be done at any time during the drier months of the year. The 2 rainy seasons are from May to August and November to January so these months are usually avoided by tour companies because of the risk of flash floods. The rest of the year, Guyana experiences the warm South American climate. Those who want to do the Guyana birding tour need to note that the country does get hot and humid and need to be prepared for this.


Tour companies will do their part to increase the comfortability of this type of climate with air conditioned vehicles and hotels but not much can be done during actual bird watching time. Guests going on the Guyana birding tour need to prepare for this by packing wisely. The first thing that comes to mind when packing for warm weather would be short clothing items. Don’t do that. Clothes need to be long sleeved to add a layer of protection against the sun and also insects.

The Guyana birding tour takes place outdoors during the entirety of daylight hours in Savannah and jungle areas. The colour of clothing is important also. Bright colours will attract attention to the group and scare of animals. Attracting attention to the group must be avoided at all costs. People go on the Guyana birding tour for a chance to see bird species which they would be unable to do elsewhere so to scare away localized birds such as the Sun Parakeet and the Red Siskin will result in the waste of a trip. It is for this reason that the Guyana birding tour is only done with a maximum of 6 people per tour.

This will lessen the amount of noise brought about by a group of birders wandering around in peaceful wildlife regions. The advantage of this is that a smaller group means more individualized time with the tour guide and also less people to compete with if you throw in a bird species that is not on the guides list but which you would want to see while on the Guyana birding tour. Local laws ensure that wildlife areas are not disturbed too much so a capped number of tours are allowed at a time. For now the Guyana birding tour is not really on must birders radars which means there is a good chance of securing a spot on them when they do become available from tour companies.
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