The Omo Valley photography tour takes place towards the southern end of Ethiopia along the Omo River

The Omo Valley photography tour takes place towards the southern end of Ethiopia along the Omo River. The trip encompasses the combined factors of a learning experience of both photography and local culture. The Omo Valley photography tour is deemed high demand right now because of the impact that modernism is having on the culture of the tribes in the area who are slowly starting to gear away from tradition. The start of the Omo Valley photography tour is at Addis Adiba which is the only city which is capable of landing international flights and from where travel is done to the Omo River region.

The Omo Valley photography tour is open to people from all over the world. Due to the high demand, there are lots of tours to the area, though they are being snapped up pretty quickly which means a booking must be done as soon as the tour opens up. On the Omo Valley photography tour, there is not much long distance travelling once the Omo River is reached. The stretch of land is covered with an ease of movement in jeep vehicles with no backtracks to get to hotels as such. Campsites are set up along the way. These will host rooms, loos and a combined dining/classroom tent. A 2 person crew accompanies the group to handle this aspect.


The classroom tent is where theory is done on the art of photography before the group goes out to turn it into practicality. The Omo Valley photography tour combines the learning of photography with an exciting travel adventure. You can be either an expert or beginner level photographer to take the trip, but it must be stated in the booking so that you would be put into the right tour group. You would not want to be a beginner in an expert group. Simple techniques like lighting, exposure and focus are taught during the 2 week Omo Valley photography tour.

Guests can immediately put their knowledge to use and not just in mundane homeward surroundings but in the beauty of Ethiopia. Images can be taken of tribe’s people in their cultural garment or partaking in traditional activities. There’s also scope for animal pictures on the Omo Valley photography tour as along the route of the river lies not one but two National Parks which are home to an abundance of animals including the highly anticipated Big Five.

Villages along the Omo Valley are not only noted for the tribes that accommodate the area but for the fruitful agricultural lands too. The Omo Valley is lush with coffee, tea and spice plantations as far as the eye can see. This is in the region of Konso which is towards the end of the Omo Valley. The area has some lodges where overnight accommodation can be done on the Omo Valley photography tour. The Omo Valley photography tour is an adventure that will allow guests to capture quality images which cannot be done anywhere else on the planet, but this remote and extraordinary region.