Experience a Fabulous Beach Vacation In Anyer, Indonesia

Is a day at the beach calling your name? Have you been dreaming of a day full of surf and sand? Then the solution is simple. You need to spend some time in Anyer. This beach town is a stunning spot – with gorgeous views and a breathtaking sunset. It is time to get away from the stresses and strains that life tends to pile on us. A beach day is the ultimate solution. The sound of the waves, the smell of the air, and the soft sand underneath your toes. What could be better than that? So, there is only one question left to ask. What are you waiting for? A beach day in stunning Anyer, Indonesia could be in your future. These tips will help you experience all of the magic for yourself.


Find a Gorgeous Hotel To Compliment Your Beach Day. Before you run out to enjoy the sunshine and the waves…. it is important to think about where you will stay. Anyer has some of the best accommodations around. Like the Aston Anyer Beach Hotel, for instance. It is incredible. You can book your very own room there from Traveloka. When it comes to your accommodations, there are certain things to think about. Like the location of your hotel, the cost per night, and any hotel extras you might require. (Room service, a pool, concierge, and so on.) Knowing what you need will help you choose the perfect Anyer hotel room.


Prepare Yourself For Some Seriously Incredible Views. There is a reason so many people love to visit Anyar Beach. The views are spectacular! Since it is located just 38 km from Serang City, visitors can see Mount Rakata off in the distance. Talk about beautiful. Then there is the gorgeous white sand (which feels oh so soft in between your toes) as well as picturesque blue water. Then there are the stunning sunset views and the lush greenery. Everywhere you turn? There is natural beauty to behold. The beach is a fantastic place to take stunning travel photos and snap a couple of selfies. The background will take your breath away. Not to mention wow all of your friends and family members back home.


Spend Time Enjoying The Many Beach Day Activities. Do you want to make your day at the beach memorable? Then do more than work on your tan. There are plenty of fun activities available in Anyer. So in addition to relaxing on the beach or dipping your toes in the water…be sure to partake in at least a couple of them. At Anyer Beach, visitors can enjoy many types of water sports. Like riding a jet ski, going on a speedboat, Para Sailing, and diving. Many divers love this area because they are able to see a wide variety of sea creatures. That could be you! Or you can stick to the sand instead. There are many exciting things to do there as well. Like playing a game of beach volleyball, going for a walk, or building a sand castle. With so much to do? Your beach vacation in Anyer will be one to remember.