5 tips on what to do with your travel photos

Taking photos while on vacation is a great way to remember those memorable moments. After travels, most people end up finding themselves with a stack of photos that they don’t know what to do with. Traveling to new places is fun and one should keep the photos safely to be able to revisit those special times they were away from home, and you might even have some worth entering into a travel photo competition. Travel photos are a great reminder of the good times you had and should be kept safely. After sharing the photos with your friends and families, most people don’t know what to with them. You can’t put all of them into frame and hang them in the house. Here are some tips on what to do with travel photos.

1. Create a ScrapBook.

Scrapbooking can be overwhelming for most people especially with several stacks of travel photos. In most cases, people try to pick out the best photos from the stack for a photo project. Well, this is a great ideal but can be a difficult one. Start by deleting the shots that don’t make the cut. Get rid of all photos that create a distraction from the good moments you had on your travel. It is important to start the photo project with photos that are truly lovable in the eyes of everyone.

2. Create a photo book.

Making a photo book will be a wonderful thing to do with the photos. Photo books are a better option to templates that take out much of the guessing. Make the photo book a simple one with a very neutral background. It is important to write a small journal about your trip on the book. This will make the photo book feel timeless with some sense of a personal feel. Further, photo, books are simple to store and one can easily make countless copies.


Example of travel photo book, from lonelyplanet.com

3. Print your favourite photos and frame it.

Nobody wants to deal with the entire stack of the photos whether in a digital or physical form. However, it will be a great ideal to select your favourite photos from the lot and have them printed out on canvas to hang in your home. Most places which offer the canvas printing service will have the product tightly bound over a wooden frame, meaning they are ready to hang as soon as they arrive at your door.


Example of travel photo collage from The Canvas Factory

4. Make a mini album.

A mini album is ideal for people who want to save and keep looking on the memorable moments from time to time. You can even go rogue and punch holes in your memorabilia and photo and put them all together.

5. Make a slideshow.

A slideshow complete with video clips soundtracks and photos are also a great idea but time consuming in most cases. However, if you lack the time, just create a simple slideshow with captions. This will also transform your photos to appear like an edited story being told.

Whatever you choose to do with your photos, always remember they are a great memory of your ravel times. Keep them safe and so that your future generations can see them.