The Chad tour will take guests to some of the most remote locations in Africa

The Chad tour will take guests to some of the most remote locations in Africa. Thi sjourney has been described as pushing the limits to international travelling. It may be a hard trip at times but the end results are worth every effort taken to visit this spectacular country. Journeying out into the wild in a recreational vehicle will give access to some amenities but having a full shower is not possible, yet guests will be privy to seeing the big 5, reptiles, other mammals and a host of birding species. Travelling the deserts on camel back may be exciting but there are no beds, yet guests will enjoy what is said to be a 5 million start hotel. TheChad tour begins in the city of Ndjamena. It is a round trip journey which sees guests travelling all through the country in a 3 week period.

This is more time than is usually allocated for a tour but it is well needed here to get to see all of the amazing things this country has to offer to tourists. The first visits are done to the forest region of Sahel. There are many towns around and it is not as tribal as one might imagine, yet fairly modern. Military bases, museums and bazaars are toured in a 2 day period. The desert areas of Kalait are explored next. There are no tribes or people in this area but it is a must stop simply for the sandstone formations surrounding the area.


This is the first of many camping adventures on the Chad tour. Camping here is done in tents as it is higher up and there is no danger of wild animals reaching. Another couple of days are spent in Demi, famed for its multi coloured sands. The journey through this region can only be done with camels. Ounianga is an oasis town with from very friendly people. Chad tour guests are left to explore and shop on their own for a bit before relaxing and making their way out. The Zakouma National Park is indeed the most spectacular parts of the Chad tour. Guests make their way through the park in a camp type vehicle with an open balcony top area which can be used for sightseeing.

Here Chad tour guests will get to see elephants, lions, ostriches, crocodiles, buffaloes and rhinos among others going about their business in their territory. Seeing nature the way nature intended is the only way to view animals. A good few days are spent at the park. Living quarters are the vehicles itself. The capital city is fairly near with not much travel. This is where the tour ends and guests will be dropped off at the airport on the final day of the tour. Booking into the Chad tour must be done early on. Even with the places being booked out so quickly, there is also the contingency of all tourists obtaining a permit. This does take a couple of months to be approved. Dealing with embassies is done by the tour company.