Travel Stress – What it is and how to beat it!

Traveling should help you get rid of stress, not the other way round. Sure, traveling does bring with it some potentially stressful situations, but you should not let them ruin your traveling experience. Here’s how you can do this.

Take Time to Enjoy Every Destination

We get it: it can be fun to tell your friends about a whirlwind tour you took involving several envied global tourist hotspots. However, the experience itself will most likely be very stressful because you were trying to beat the clock the entire time. Travelling just to tick items off a list is not often a very satisfying experience


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To avoid this pressure, you should plan your travels such that you have enough time to savour what each destination has to offer. When you rush your itinerary just to check destinations off your list, you will put yourself under stress.

Knowing more about the place you are visiting is a great stress reliever. It allows you to open up your mind and enjoy the amazing things around you. You cannot accomplish this when you are busy thinking about other places you have to visit.

Set Some Time Aside to Treat Yourself

Yes I know this sounds a bit weird, as travel itself is meant to be a treat, but sometimes you get so caught up in the activities that you forget to relax. Just taking a moment to stop and get a massage once every now and then, or get your hair done, can really make the difference for your enjoyment of the rest of the trip.


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Make Losing Your Way a Great Experience

Getting lost is not something many people enjoy; but as a traveller, you should seriously rethink this. Think about it – the goal of traveling is to explore new places and experience new things. It should make no difference if you had planned on it or not.

So, even as you try to find your way to that destination you had in mind, take the time to explore the new path you have ended up on. You might even find the highlights of your journey during these situations. Besides, you will get to know the place better than most tourists, and that’s never a bad thing.

And to find your way again, you can download Google Maps on your phone, especially if the travel guide you are using is not being of much help. Typing ‘ok maps’ on the search bar while your Google Maps is open to the location you are interested in will download the area to your phone.

Find Ways to deal with Transport Delays

If you are an avid traveller, you will often find yourself dealing with flight delays, cancellations, or getting stuck in traffic jams. This can be quite frustrating and stressful, if you don’t deal with it properly.


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You should have ways of filling in these breaks with other activities. You could pick a book you really like. You can also chat with those you are traveling with, just don’t focus too much on the little glitches you are facing, that will only stress you out.

Losing Your Stuff

Losing something like your passport, cash, or the camera you have used to document every highlight of your travel can leave you angry, stressed out, and very frustrated. In some scenarios, you might even have to cut your journey short.

But this needn’t be the case. First of all, you should not carry a lot more cash than necessary for each leg of the journey. That way, if you lose it, your travel budget will not be dented. As for the pictures and cameras, you can upload them to the internet whenever you get the chance, such as when waiting on that delayed flight at the airport.

While at it, you should upload copies of your identification document on the cloud as well. That will make things easier when you lose your things.

To Sum Up

As you can see, what is generally required to avoid stress as you travel is prior preparation. That involves preparing for travel delays and other mishaps along the way. Otherwise, whenever you travel, focus on enjoying every part of the journey; don’t hop from destination to destination as if you are trying to complete a travel challenge.
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