Animal adventures don’t come better than the Pantanal wildlife tour

Animal adventures don’t come better than the Pantanal wildlife tour. South America is famed for its abundance of wildlife and flora species. It is just the place to immerse yourself fully into nature. Conservation efforts are at the greatest here than almost any more else in the world, which makes for an unforgettable journey. The Pantanal wildlife tour has its focus on the animals of the region. Expect to run into jaguars, capuchin monkeys and hundreds of bird species in the forests along with reptiles and otters in the river lands. The tour is a great opportunity for photography both in landscape and portrait. Since the animals are in their natural habitat and not caged up, they are much more at ease, making for shots that can be beautifully captured. Although, there is an endless amount of animals to be seen on the Pantanal wildlife tour, the trip does deviate to allow for other activities. Such an instance would be the hike up the Encontro State Park to get a bird’s eye view of waterfalls, mountains and lakes. It is indeed one of the highlights of the Pantanal wildlife tour to be able to enjoy an afternoon picnic in this gorgeous piece of the world. Fishing while on board a river boat is also something to look forward to on the Pantanal wildlife tour. These will be no ordinary fish, but piranhas which are only found naturally in this part of the world.


The Pantanal wildlife tour takes place in the heart of South America. Getting here will be the only portion of the tour that you will be responsible for. Everything else is provided for as per the Pantanal wildlife tour package deal. Taking this up further would mean that the following few factors will be arranged for you. The perfect holiday package should be such that you would simply pack and show up to be treated to a world of adventure. This is the basis of what you would be getting when booking into a reputable Pantanal wildlife tour. Once you arrive in Brazil for the tour, you will be picked up right at the airport. Transport from this point out until the end of the trip when you are departing for home will be included. These will include people carrier vehicles in the city, Jeep vehicles when going out into wild territory, horses for help navigating valleys and higher terrains, and boats to get across rivers. It will be the Pantanal wildlife tour guide who will meet you at the airport. They will be with you for the duration of the trip. Another reason to ensure you go with a reputable travel company would be to ensure a high calibre guide is included in the tour package. 3 meals, along with bottled water is provided every day. Accommodation on the Pantanal wildlife tour consists of hotels, rustic lodges and camping. All entrance fees will be paid for in advance along with permits. You would, really only have to carry along some cash for souvenirs and tipping along the way.
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