Everything else will be arranged and awaiting your arrival in the country

There’s not many places on the planet that would make for an unusual adventure that will keep you talking for decades to come. The Danakil Photography tour is one of those rare finds to fit this need. The tour is not widely known and very few ever think of attempting it which makes it all the more alluring for the adventurous spirit. Billed as hell on earth, for its heat fuelled climate, the Depression is not easy to navigate. Even for those who prefer to seek out lonesome holidays, the provisions provided by an experienced travel company is duly needed on this trip. It is not just the Danakil itself which is hard to navigate, but the route here as well.

Let’s go to the start. First of all, you would need to get yourself into one of these tours. Not many travel companies offer the Danakil Photography tour, due to the demanding logistical aspects. To crop the field even further, the tour is only done in the cooler winter months, where although cooler, it is still pretty hot. Once you have made your payment, you will be confirmed for the trip. Planning starts at this juncture. You will be notified on what to bring along and what to expect on each day down to the very hour. You can also have direct contact with the guide who will be leading the Danakil Photography tour. Once you have booked the trip, besides packing, you would only have to arrange your flight into Ethiopia. This is the only portion not a part of the holiday package.


Other than that, everything else will be arranged and awaiting your arrival in the country. Tour companies will lend a helping hand to get you direct and affordable flights into Addis Ababa. The journey to the Danakil is shortest from this point. Jeep vehicles make up the transport mode for the journey to handle this sandy terrain. On the outskirts, there are simple lodges to stay at but as the Danakil Depression approaches, these few luxuries vanish. Having the support of a tour team is vital at this time.

After a 2 day journey, the Danakil Photography tour reaches its peak. The tour team sets up and exploring begins immediately for the tour group. There is a lot to see and do, even within such a small area. The first stop which is the first sight to greet guests to the area is the salt mines. Colourful and vibrant, they are a joy to both explore and photograph. The group must stick together at all times during the Danakil Photography tour with the photography tour always in line. They are there to give advice and impart knowledge throughout. Along with amazing photos, guests of the Danakil Photography tour will leave knowing and how to use terms like lighting, angles and focus. With the Danakil Photography tour you would see a different side to Africa. One that has been left untouched to form its natural formations over thousands of years.