Zambia birding tours will not be your ordinary holiday package

Zambia birding tours will not be your ordinary holiday package. The allure of this travel deal is its focus on birding. Bird watching is a huge worldwide activity with over 10 million registered members in clubs the world over. Every year, these birders plan out trips to other countries to be able to sight exotic bird species in their home territory. Zambia birding tours offers the ability to see over 300 species in a 2 week period. The country however has over 700 species. 300 of the most unique and endemic to Zambia are included in the tour. Zambia birding tours provides the ideal way to be able to roam the country and rack up an impressive list of birds. It is the cheaper alternative to having to schedule a trip such as this by yourself. With Zambia birding tours you gain access to travel experts who handle all of the planning on your behalf. All aspects needed on such a trip are included in a neatly crafted package deal. So what exactly would one be getting when booking into Zambia birding tours?


Accommodation can be the worst to plan out. A newbie to Zambia would have no idea on how much of time to spend in the different areas and as such securing hotel or lodge rooms must be done on a whim. Both of these factors are eliminated when booking into Zambia birding tours.

Transport is as important on a tour as anything. Reliable transport will get you between places efficiently. Tour companies offering the Zambia birding tours have a whole backup system so that their guests are always on time for the various meets. Also expect horse riding, hot air balloons and boat rides as part of the tour.

Meals, as during any travel is one of the best ways to experience the local culture. Tour packages ensure that you do not miss out on anything and enjoy the full range of culinary delights in Zambia.

Entrance fees to all National Parks are included in the price. In addition to not having to fork out payment during every journey in here, there is peace of mind knowing you would have the permits on hand for some of them. It would not do, to arrive in Zambia and find out that the limit for entrance into the parks are at capacity since they can only be purchased at the gates. Tour companies are able to get them because of their industry contacts. Almost all birding on the Zambian tour is done in these parks. They account for over 10 percent of the nation’s land.

Guides are the most crucial factor on Zambia birding tours. Not only do they take charge of ensuring the group is ushered around to lodges and keeps to the given schedule but it is their intricate knowledge of Zambian birding that makes them undeniably rewarding to have along for the trip. They have the ability, through years of giving tours, to take the tour group directly to bird species that are wanted to be seen during Zambia birding tours. This ensures that you would be getting the most you can out of bird watching in this far off, exotic destination.