Ride-pooling service How it works and what kind of advantages does it have?

If you’re looking for best price to comfort ratio for transport, your eyesight might have been stuck on ride-pooling. Also known as ride-hailing, ride-sharing and car-pooling is used to describe the same service or action where the driver takes numerous different passengers to their designated destinations, almost. It’s sort of a blend of taxis and regular public transport. But how exactly does ride-pooling work and what advantages does it have? Let’s look at a country where ride-pooling is very popular – Malta, and let’s figure out how ride-pooling in Maltamakes transportation much easier!

Ride-pooling for the client

The client needs to download a dedicated app (they’re by far the most convenient and popular source for ride-pooling services), and select their destination. After tracking their location, the app calculates the best route and shows a pick-up point, where you need to be to catch the ride-pool. You’re sharing it with other people and the car will pick you up en route. Whereas a regular cab could pick you up from where you’re standing, ride-pooling is made to optimize transportation by making it cheaper and quicker. By taking multiple passengers at once, ride-pooling has many unique benefits for both the clients and service providers.

Let’s look at the advantages!

Advantage No. 1 – It’s cheaper

When you call a designated cab, depending on the location, it could end up costing you a lot. Ride pooling splits the cost of the journey amongst the passengers. This means that with the Cool Ride-Pooling app, your journeys can cost as low as 4€, without forcing you to spend time in a crowded bus or waiting until it arrives for 30 minutes.

Advantage No. 2 – You can go anywhere

When you compare public transport with ride-pooling, it’s clear that the latter method of travel has a lot going for it. To begin with, public transport, like buses have a pre-determined route that they follow and certain stops where you can get off. These stops aren’t always conveniently placed, especially if your destination is within the city centre, far out in the suburbs or located in other, less accessible spaces. Ride-pooling does allow you to go whichever location you want.

Advantage No. 3 – Tourist and foreigner-friendly

A lot of tourists believe that local taxi drivers at the airports are dodgy and can rip off clients with a clear conscience. Now this might be not applicable to all cabs drivers, but it is true that app-based carpool services in Malta offer much more transparency. You can see the price for your trip, information about the journey and other important facts about transportation that you requested. By seeing information in the English language, people from all over the world can easily understand what they’re going to get and how to maximise benefits from a particular service.

Advantage No. 4 – Pick-up your friends & share a ride

Car-pooling and ride-sharing is great for when you want to go to a location with your friends or family. Despite being located at completely different spots, you can both arrange a shared ride or call the same car to pick everyone up along the way. It’s a wonderful feature to have!

Advantage No. 5 – It’s great for the environment

With more and more focus being directed towards sustainability and a greener future, ride-pooling and shared transport can definitely be labelled as a fitting mean of transport for the future. Since you share a ride with other people and walk towards a pick-up point, you help save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Over time, these little benefits pile up and help reduce pollution. We all want better air quality and better health, but we don’t want to sacrifice comfort. This is why car-pooling is the transport choice of the future!