A Guide to Getting Around Phuket

With many of the beach resorts in Phuket being small enough to walk around, getting around in Phuket could not be easier. Here is a guide on all the transport modes available, ensuring you get the most out of your trip to Phuket.

Tuk Tuks

If you only want to go short distances, tuk-tuks are good to use. However, as they are small in size, they can be quite uncomfortable for journeys that are longer than 30 minutes or so. Be aware that the resort you choose to visit will influence the cost of tuk-tuks. For example, if you were to visit Patong, you can expect to pay around 100 Baht, even for short distances. It is important that you let your driver know your destination before you set off and agree on a price for the journey.


If you are looking for transportation options from the airport, be …