An average amount of time needed for bird photography tours is around 2 weeks


An average amount of time needed for bird photography tours is around 2 weeks. Tours guests will be moving around frequently to seek out the many new birding varieties they have come to experience in this region. Even before leaving for the trip, guests have an almost sure idea of how each day is going to pan out. This is in relation to what they are going to see and where they will be. All is laid out in the itinerary once the booking has been confirmed. It is travel, and things may go wrong which are out of the control of the tour company, but because you have the assurance of their wide experience, it means having the chance to be able to be compensated for anything not achieved during the bird photography tours.

All days, once guests arrive into the country playing host to the bird photography tour, are pretty much standard. This is not to say that each day will be repeated activities. As any birder would know, with constant movement, comes new and amazing birding species to discover. On bird photography tours in particular, the guide teaches new aspects with each new outing.

The days on bird photography tours start out very early in the morning. Birds arise with the dawn and begin their activities immediately. You do not want to miss this magical part of the day. After a quick shower and breakfast, the tour group is off on their adventure for the day. This part of time is fantastic for photography also. The lighting associated with this time adds to getting visually stunning backdrops for the newly found birding species. it is not just about how to work the camera and to learn all of the different functions it is able to perform but also how to take advantage of whatever situation you are placed in. This part of photography is not going to be learned from books or even classroom lectures. It stems from being able to tackle it in the photographic element, which is exactly what is provided during bird photography tours. Birding continues through to lunch time where lunch will be done picnic style at the location. Birding commences immediately after.

Much of the travel will be done in safari type vehicles so that the view of the location can be enjoyed during the drive. During the late afternoon is when the birds are winding down. After a bit of last minute birding for the day on this portion of the bird photography tours, guests retreat to the accommodation base. If there needs to be a couple of hours drive to the next birding location, then it will be done at this time. If not, during bird photography tours this is when a photography lesson is done which will then be applied during the next outing. A night or 2 during bird photography tours are set aside for nocturnal birding. A few birding species such as owls are only active at night which is why this does form a necessary part of the tour.